Location & Transportation

  • Is your Yoga School registered with Yoga Alliance? Is your yoga teacher training certificate valid internationally?

Naturoville Yogpeeth is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA for (RYS 200) registration course  for providing internationally recognized yoga teacher training certifications in India.

  • What kind of visa is required for Course?

You can also apply for e-visa which is valid for two months at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html if your stay is longer than most common visa is a tourist Visa (lasts 6 months).

Important to Know before You Apply for Visa: Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession. Although it has gotten better, the visa application process is notorious for not being on time.

  • When Should I book my arrival flight ticket?

If our course is the first activity that you are doing in India, we advise you to book your flights so that you arrive one day before the scheduled start date of the course, it will also give you some flexibility in travel time to arrive here. We have a short orientation session on day first before the course begins, and classes begin on the morning of the scheduled start date.

  • When should I book my departure flight?

Depends If you aren’t planning on exploring more of India, you should book your flight so that you leave one day after the scheduled end date of the course.

Distance of our Retreat from few famous nearby city
➢ New Delhi, 250kms
➢ Dehra Dun, 33kms
➢ Haridwar, 25 kms
➢ Rishikesh City 18 Kms

  • What is the location of your yoga retreat?

Naturoville Yogpeeth is located in Between Rishikesh and Dehradun.

  • Which airport should I fly to?

New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), is the nearest international Airport and then you can also fly into Dehradun Jolly Grant airport (DED), it’s worth checking the price to see if it would be cheaper than flying from New Delhi to Dehradun or by train from New Delhi to Haridwar.

  • Which flight should I take from New Delhi to Dehradun?

You should ideally take morning flight from New Delhi (DED) to Dehradun(DED) so that you can reach maximum by afternoon to Dehradun to enough time in hand, although it depends on your international flight and its connecting time and you can plan accordingly.
In general from New Delhi to Dehradun is only 45 to 60 minute flying time .

Does our retreat provide transportation to/from the New Delhi airport, and what is cost?

We have a tie-up with local transporter and a private taxi for airport transfer from New Delhi airport to our Retreat will roughly cost US$ 65. There’s a maximum of two students that can share a taxi, and you would split the total cost with the other student. Please inform with your flight airline number, arrival time to avail this paid facility.

➢From New Delhi (IGI) for 2 Persons in Taxi – US $ 65
➢ From New Delhi (IGI) for 4 Persons in SUV – US $ 120

  • Does our retreat provide transportation to/from the Dehradun airport, and what is cost?

The cost of airport transfer from Dehradun airport to our retreat will be US$ 15.

➢From Dehradun (Jolly Grant) for 2 Persons in Taxi – US $ 15
➢ From Dehradun (Jolly Grant) for 4 Persons in SUV – US $ 25

  • How much time it takes to reach retreat from New Delhi Airport by Road?

From New Delhi airport to our retreat is tentative 250 Km and depending on highway traffic it takes in general 6 to 7hours drive time.

  • How much time it takes to reach retreat from Dehradun Airport?

From Dehradun airport to our Retreat is tentative 15 Km and depending on city traffic it takes in general 15-20 minutes drive time.

Food & Accommodation

  • What kind of Accommodation will you provide?

Naturoville Yogpeeth is class apart and we can boast that no other retreat or retreat in the vicinity can match the facilities and accommodation being provided by Naturoville Yogpeeth and offers a unique blend of antique charm and modern comfort. Exclusive, elegant and luxury single room or double room for shared accommodations. Private cottages with all the ultra modern facilities are available for accommodation. The tuition fee includes accommodation.

  • I am a vegan. Does the food your serving are suitable for Vegans?

Food provided at our center is 100% vegetarian, not vegan. You will need to inform us in advance so our chef can prepare food for you especially.

  • Is there clean drinking water at the Retreat?

There is pure filtered water available for student 24/7, free of Charge.

  • Can we use mobile phones & laptops in Retreat?

Yes, when you are not at your classes you are free to use mobile phones & laptops.

  • I have diabetes/ celiac disease/ gluten intolerance/ kidney disease/ is it possible for me to provide special diet at the retreat?

Yes, we will provide you food according to your needs. You will need to inform us in advance so our doctors can prepare diet plan food for you especially.

  • Do you provide laundry service?

We outsource laundry facility at additional cost. If you want you can do it by yourself in room.

  • How can I use internet Wi-Fi at the Retreat?

Yes, we have internet Wi-Fi with enough bandwidth for video streaming and calls back home in limited areas, although the internet/power providers are not stable and reliable some time and we have experienced a bad signal and won’t have internet for a few hours.

  • Can I share a room with a friend or partner who is not participating for YTTC?

If there is a condition you are coming for YTTC and your friend or partner is coming along with you then we are fine with it if you want to share your room depending on availability and will be with the additional cost.

  • Do you have available air conditional AC at the retreat during summer month?

Yes, we have AC available in bedrooms as well as in class rooms.

Health & Security

  • What if I get sick in during my course?

If you are sick, injured or in need of medical assistance, we will provide you with medical care or take you to a western-style hospital or we have Ayurveda doctors on board 24/7 (whichever option is needed). And in this case we will find alternatives for you in order to be able to finish the course.

  • I’m taking medication. I’ll be able to get it in India?

Yes, India hospitals has the same facilities as Western countries, might be not the same brand, but you’ll be able to get it here as well.

  • Vaccinations

Any particular vaccination is not required. Bringing mosquito repellents, lotions etc. are recommended or you can also buy daily use items from our Retreat boutique.

  • Do I have to be careful about eating food in India?

We have taken extra precautions by hiring a dedicated staff to prepare each and every meal at the retreat from fresh ingredients. You should beware of eating street foods.

About the Course

  • How many students will be there in Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC)?

We accept 15 to 25 students in each course.

  • What is dress code for the YTTC?

Dress should be modest at all times, in class, around town and at retreat as well.
Around Retreat: Limbs, shoulders and midriff should be covered. Clothes that are brief, transparent or very tight should not be worn.

Dress for Men:  shorts (preferably Bermuda type) with a T-shirt (with sleeves);
Dress for Women:  track bottom, pajamas, Bermuda-type shorts, or tights, with a T-shirt (with sleeves) and long enough tuck into the pants. All students are expected to be sensitive to Indian culture and etiquette.  For example, display of affection in public runs against the grain of Indian culture and therefore should not be practiced. Students are expected to abstain from smoking and drinking and to maintain a vegetarian diet.

  • Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

We advise that you bring your own mat and towels for personal hygiene and cleanliness. We have a yoga boutique which sells yoga accessories on the premises too.

  • I’m pregnant can I attend to the course?

No, the course is too intense for pregnant women to complete.

  • When do I have free time?

You’ll have some breaks during your daily schedule. Thursdays are free days as there are no classes, so you’ll have time to discover.

  • If I want to skip class am I able to do that?

In case of emergency yes, students need to have 100% attendance to receive the certification. If, however, you are unable to attend a class due to illness, you can spend extra time with the teachers to complete the training hours.

  • Can I attend to the same course with my partner?

Yes, it is possible to attend the YTTC with your partner.

  • I tried yoga just few times. Will it be too advanced for me to attend the YTTC?

You will find that wherever you are in your practice you will get just what you need out of the yoga classes on this retreat. Naturoville Yogpeeth works only with experienced and extremely qualified teachers, which ensures that everyone’s yoga needs will be met.

  • Are the teachers qualified?

Our leading teachers are registered with Yoga Alliance USA, some are with master degrees of yoga sciences, and some are with MA degrees.

  • Will language be my barrier as English is not my first language?

No, all students are coming from different parts of the world, so English are most likely second language for them. The courses are easily understandable and teachers will help you in anything.

  • Do I have to read any books?

There are few books that you’ll have to read during your course.

  • What is your guest policy?

We do not allow any strangers on campus. However, if any of your family members visit you during the course, you can get prior approval for them by submitting a copy of their passport, photo, and visa. If they wish to eat on campus, you must pay in advance for all meals.

  • What if Naturoville Yogpeeth postponed the course or canceled it?

So far we have not canceled any of our courses. Due to unforeseen circumstances, if we need to cancel our course, we will issue you 100% refund of the amount received by us. You will have the option to attend future batch.

  • What are the inclusions of Tuition fee/YTTC fee?
  • Yoga classes (Fri ~ Wed)
  • 01 Ayurveda Massage per week
  • Pranayama / Meditation / Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)
  • Introduction with Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Mindfulness
  • Ayurvedic vegetarian meals / Vegan and dairy free on request
  • Information, guidance and escort services for local sightseeing.
  • Yogic T Shirt / Carry bag / TTC Manual / Note Book


  • How can I become certified Yoga teacher or Yoga Instructor?

To become a certified yoga teacher, you must successfully complete a yoga teacher training course and show competence in your ability to teach a yoga class. Find out what the suggested minimum requirements for yoga teachers are at: www.yogaalliance.org.The yoga alliance page also lists training programs and yoga retreat that meet their minimum standards.

  • Do I need to pass any exams in order to complete the curse?

Yes, you’ll have to pass a written and a verbal test. The decision will be based by your performance, attendance and behaviour.

  • Will I be able teach with this certificate in other parts of the world?

Yes, our courses are qualified by Yoga Alliance. After registration on the website you’ll be able to teach in any part of the world.


  • Is it possible to make any changes about the booking after I made it?

Yes, if there is any personal issues, so in case we are able delay the dates of your course. The advance of the course fees are non-refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.

  • Can I use my credit card to pay the remaining course fee in Retreat?

We are accepting credit card payments for booking amounts. Remaining fees can be paid either in cash or by TCs. If you opt for paying your remaining fees by credit card then additional 1.75% will be charged as transaction fee. You can also use your ATM debit cards (Master/Visa/Electron) to withdraw cash in local Market nearby.

  • What is the cancellation policy if I am unable to participate in the training?

    In the event of cancellation of YTTC or Packages offered by NaturOville Yogpeeth, the following policies apply:

    • 30 days or more prior to the training/Package: Your payment would be refunded for a $50 administration fee, or rescheduled to future upcoming  YTTC course at no cost.
    • 29- 07 days prior to the Training/Package: 50% of the payment would be refunded  or rescheduled to future upcoming YTTC course for a $100 administration fee.
    • 03 days or less: Payments are not refundable, but are again transferable (less $150 administration fee)  to future upcoming YTTC course.

    Withdrawals from active trainings or no show will result in the loss of all fees paid.


  • Recommended clothing
  • December, January– These two are the coldest months of the Year with minimum temperature of 5 Degree centigrade and 15-20 Degree centigrade. Nights are cold but Days are pleasant under Sun. Warm clothes are recommended to the Participants for this period.
  • February, March, and April– These are the best months neither very cold or Hot, perfect weather conditions with a lot of Sunshine, for the month of February participants can still keep some warm clothes but for March and April light clothing is fine.
  • May, June– These are the Summer month, Temperature rises to level of 35-38 degree centigrade in the day time and comes down to 30-32 in the night, Morning & evening are better, participants can expect a lot of sweating, light clothing is recommended.
  • July – August– This is the time for the monsoon to intervene summer, which brings the temperature down a bit, thanks to the Rain. It’s not regular Rain comes and goes. Light clothing with a rain gear is recommended.
  • September, October, and November – Slowly and gradually Monsoon slows down Temperature stays moderately higher with maximum 32-35 degree centigrade but night becomes pleasant in September. In the months of October and November weather stays perfect, neither hot nor cold. Light clothing for September and October.

Committing to a 200hr yoga teacher training or a follow up yoga teacher training program is a big deal! We want to make sure all your questions are answered before you register. If your questions aren’t answered above, please contact us for more information about our yoga teacher training programs.

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